Theatre History!!!

Willaim Wycherley
He was educated in France. Whilst living in the house of the duke of
Montausier he changed his religious views form puritan to catholic. Once
he returned to England well educated by law studies in France, he soon
became a popular and well known face in the gay and profligate society.
His first comedic play, love in the wood did not actually reach the stage
until he was around the age of 32. He had to very well known and popular
plays, ‘the country wife’ which was performed in 1675 and ‘the plain
dealer’ which was acted in 1677. In 1704 he realised a series of
Miscellany poems which caught the attention of the Pope, the pope and
William later became friends. Later on the pope started to revise and edit
many of Williams’s writings.- livvy</span>

William Congreve


Was educated at Trinity College where he studied Law, before he got into play writing. He wrote a book called 'Cleophil' based on his studies in law.

His first play was one called The Old Bachelor, which made the stage in 1693, it was an enormous success. It was performed at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Dryden, an influential English poet wrote that he had never read such brilliant a first play. William was only 23 when The Old Bachelor play hit the stage.

His plays in the following year did not get such positive views, but his luck soon picked up and he got good reviews for his next play the 'love for love’ that took the stage in 1695.

His play 'way of the world' wasn’t very good and at the age of 30 he gave Up writing all together.