1.3 Demonstrate understanding of a significant play

Pygmalion By Bernard Shaw
Written in 1912

Features include:
  • performance space
  • acting styles
  • themes and ideas
  • purpose
  • conventions
  • use of technology
  • historical/social context

Task Five: Group Research

David's Group - World of the Play

Vikki's Group- Playwright

Izzys Group Post Melodrama

Task Four, Part Two: Role On The Wall


StubbornImpatientTalkativeWeepyAttention seekerRudedesperateWhineyChildishDreamer (has goals)IndependentDeterminedWants to become a proper ladyShe believes she has what it takes to be a ladyShe is willing to do anything to be proper
Flower girlDirty lookingMousy colored hairHair needs washing badlyYoung, She is around 18She wears a shooby black coat that reaches her
knees and is gathered at her waist
‘’im a good girl I am’’ (eliza) ‘’ ooohhaaaaaooohh’’ (eliza) shows she is whinney and childish

Higgins: (sorry wont be as fancy as Vikki's its amazing! )

- Rude - Annoying - Contradicting
- Bad manners - Rich - Thinks low of women
- Careless - Educated - Sarcastic
- Bachelor - Selfish - Takes advantage of people
- Annoying - Greedy - Thinks highly of himself
- Clever - Impatient - Energetic
- Hypocritical - Judgmental - Doesn't believe in marriage
- Up himself - Interested in Science - Unsocial
- Prioritizes his own interests - Short tempered - Intelligent
- Disrespectful - Well Spoken - Strategic

- Well presented - Manly
- Fashionable - Tidy
- Robust - Well Groomed
- Vital appetizing sort of man - Looks like he is Upper class
- In his Forties - Professional
- Dressed in professional looking black - Appealing
- Frock coat - Rich
- Linen collar - Stern/Angry
- Tie - Confirmed Bachelor
- Good posture - Hard working

- (Higgins to Pickering) "Shall we ask this baggage to sit down, or should we throw her out the window?"
- (Higgins to Eliza) "Your an idiot. I waste the treasures of my mind by spreading them before you"
- (Higgins to Eliza) "Ill ram them down your ungrateful throat"
- (Higgins to Eliza) "Don't you dare try this game on me. I thought it to you!"
- (Eliza to Higgins) "What am i fit for? what have you left me fit for? where am i to go? What am i to do? Whats to become of me?
- (Higgins to Mr Doolitte) " You dont suppose anyone else wants her do you?... Take her away at once"
- (Higgins to Eliza) "How dare you show your temper to me"
- (Pickering to Higgins) "Do let him tell his story, Higgins"
- (Higgins) " She will relapse into the gutter again without me at her elbow"
- (Mrs Pearce to Higgins) " But you really must not swear before the girl"
- (Higgins to Eliza) "What does it matter what becomes of you"
- (Higgins to Pickering) "Let us get out of this, I have had enough of these chattering fools"
- (Higgins) "I am behaving myself perfectly!"
- (Higgins) "I stick to my opinion"
- (Mrs Higgins to Higgins) " Don't sit on the writing table, you'll break it"
- (Higgins) " This creature we picked out of the mud"
- (Mrs Pearce to Higgins) " I might ask you to not come down in your dressing gown to breakfast and use it as a napkin to the extent you do sir"
- (Higgins) "When Pickering starts shouting no one can get a word in"

Task Four, Part One: Important Moments in Pygmalion


Here are Jen & Livvys 7 key moments from Pygmalion

1.Higgins 1st meets Eliza in Covent Garden and makes fun of her speech

2.Eliza turns up at Higgins's house wanting speech lessons

3.Doolittle arrives at Higgins's house (makes his speech about being poor

4.Garden Party

5.Eliza's argument with Higgins (slippers are thrown)

6.Eliza runs off with Freddy

7.Higgins finds Eliza at Mrs Higgins's house

Sofia and David

7 Main Points:
- Eliza and Higgins meeting (Eliza selling flowers, Higgins taking notes of her dialect on a note pad)
- Eliza come to Higgins house and asks for lessons
- Eliza has a bath/make over
- Mr Doolittle turns up at Higgins house, convinces Higgins to give him money
- Eliza meets Mrs Higgins
- The Banquet in Covent Garden
- Eliza and Higgins have a fight

Erin and Stylez/Terri

Our 5 key moments

1 Eliza selling flowers, the opening
2 Doolittle's big speech
3 Eliza at the garden party
4 Eliza and Freddy running away
5 Eliza finally sorting out what she's going to do next

Lucas H and Vikki

  • First scene that shows the commotion at Covent Garden (The opening ‘hook’ and introduction to characters)

  • Higgins boasting that he could ‘pass a flower girl off as a duchess’.

  • Eliza arriving at Higgins house and the tension because of his lack of recognition of her, rudeness, Mrs Pears opinions and Eliza’s foul behaviour.

  • The Introduction of Doolittle and his speeches on middle class morality and just about everything else that occupied George Bernard Shaw’s mind.

  • Eliza is taken to meet Higgins mother, to check her progress in becoming a lady. She doesn’t do too well.

  • Eliza goes to the ball and astounds all the aristocrats.

  • Eliza, Higgins and Pickering arrive home from the ball. Eliza decides, when faced with Higgins lack of interest in her, that she will be free and marry Freddy, a man that she plans to support, which was unheard of then, and this ending caused controversy.

Katie and Jess's seven main key moments

  • Eliza as the flower girl selling flowers and the note taker taking notes
  • Eliza asking for lessons from Higgins and Higgins house
  • Elizas 'transformation' (the bath scene)
  • Dancing at the ball
  • Eliza throwing slippers at Higgins
  • Eliza and Freddie run away
  • Eliza tells Higgins she is leaving

Russell and Lucas S, seven key moments


russell24 Tuesday, 3:01 am
1. When Higgins first meets Eliza in covent garden and takes notes on her speech.
2. Eliza offers to pay for lessons from higgins.
3. Mr.Doolittle has his speech about middle class morality.
4. Eliza goes to the party and everyone thinks that she is a duchess
5. Eliza's argument with Higgins when she throws his slippers at him
6.Eliza runs off with Freddy
7. Higgens finds Eliza at Mrs Higgins house