Shakespeare Year 12

Research Areas Class of 2009

Technical Features - Ben, Sam, Dean, Craig
Use of Stage/Space - Hamish, Thandar
Movement - Cain, Hohepa
Voice - Anita, Carrie, Alannah
Body - Chelsea, Annabel H
Conventions - Alice, Georgia, Craig, Annabel L, Jeanni, Maia
Elizabethan World View - Rosie, Ximena, Natalie, Hannah
Plays - Tsveti, Najla'a,
Research and write up a document you can project and show the class. You will be expected to demonstrate for the class.


Synopsis of midsummers night dream

Midsummer night's dream ( i found a mint scene summary ) - Najlaa

Twelfth Night

Midsummer Night's Dream

Technical Group (Ben Sam and Dean save your stuff here)

Plays ( Tsveti and Najla'a )

Voice (Alannah, Anita, Carrie)

Elizabethan World View (Hannah, Ximena, Natalie and Rosie)

Conventions-Alice, Georgia, Craig, Annabel L, Jeanni, Maia

Use of Stage/Space - Hamish