The Tempest

Yr 12 Production

Task One
Most of the detail for this is on the script you have.
Themes and ideas are on the sheets but will need paraphrasing
eg: Power of knowlegde
Revenge vs Forgiveness
How does stlye and presentation fit those themes?
Task two

Task 3
Write a statement the explains why these concepts are relevant to a modern audience, and how does your character fit into these.
Stanislavsky = character.

Sumarised notes on The world of the Playwright, the world the play, the world of the character. One pager

Task 4
Rehearsal shedule
List technical responsibilities, which one you oversaw, and what you used or wore on stage.

Task 5

Notes on the rehearsal process

Feedback notes

Reflection questions.

Use this page for production colaboration
Proposed Date for holiday practice Tuesday 26th April, 10am to 4pm.
We will attempt to run the whole play with the blocking and maybe watch the film.
We will book Sunday the 22 May as a dress rehearsal day 10am to 4pm.

Hey guys okay so I dont know if this is to late but for a family tree or a basic outline of where everyone fits

Also a very helpful website if you needed any extra guidence on meaning of words or other stuff is Shakespeares Words