Year 11 External Standard As90011 Revision page

Question one

Study photographs one to six in the resource booklet 90011k

identify three drama processes you see happening in the photographs. Give the numbers of the photographs in which you see each process happening. You may refer to one or the more photographs in your answer.

Process 1

Seen in the photograph
people reading and blocking the script shown in the photograph 2

Process 2

Seen in the photograph
someone making set in photograph 3

Process 3
Make Up

Seen in the photograph
people applying make up in photo graph 5

For two process give details from the photographs to explain what you see happening

Process 2 set

Details from the photograph(s) explaining what you see happening in the process
in the photograph a lady is using a staple gun to attach another piece of wood or detail to add to the piece of wood. It looks as though it has been connected to several latches which means in the long run it will be made into a box. It also has black writing ‘red’ therefore the wood will be painted red, in the background of the photo it appears to have several ropes attached to pulleys this indicates the lady is back or side stage as the ropes would be used to lift objects and lights on and off stage.

Process 3 Make Up

Details from the photograph(s) explaining what you see happening in the process
we see a girl sitting on a chair applying makeup to her face. The girl is looking in the mirror as she is applying the makeup. We see a couple of girls in the background of the mirror looking over the girls shoulder to make sure she applies it the same as everyone else, also standing near by for help. In the background we see bags of make up piled up around the room this gives off the effect that this room is for make up especially, so all the students will enter this room complete there make up and move to another room and prepare for the show. There is also several older ladies in this room, they will be there to supervise the children and help if needed.

Justin and Jana: September 2009 Exam:
Year 11 NCEA assignment specs

Drama exemplar : Georgia Maria Moses

Explain and evaluate wether you think the costume was effictive.

i believe the costume for queen Elizabeth was effictive as it suited her well and portrayed her status (the Queen of england) to the audience. there could have been some changes to create a more effictive costume. these changes include the dress, this could of been more luxurious in terms of fabric and design. the dress could of also had a longer train and more detail to give it a more elizabethan look. to make it more suitable for the era , the dress could of been tighter around the waist with a poof coming from the hips. they could've added accesories such as sparkly jewellery to emphasize her wealth. Queen Elizabeth's white dress was used symbolically to reveal her purity. this contrasted with Mary's costume which was red, which showed mary's character as a cathloic and passionate woman. this contrasted well with the choice of colour of elizabeth's white dress.
external image Plate%20XXXVIII%20-%20Queen%20Elizabeth%20-%201588%20-.JPG

Drama example Masaya Vikki

Give one example of how an actor used the drama technique of voice, body, movement and/or space to create this conflict or tension

Robyn Malcom who played Mary Stuart was using the drama technique of voice. She was projecting her voice and speaking loudly when the tension occurred. She was using breathings well because I could hear her breath during her lines which made her role to become more effective. Her emotion was very angry which enhanced the tension between Mary Stuart and Queen Elizabeth. She was speaking without stopping; she was speaking in high pitch and with no pause to show her emotion.She had very large personal space which was reflecting her emotion. Mary Stuart and Queen Elizabeth took most of the space on the stage. That made the tension to be focused on these two characters.
Robyn Malcom who played Mary Stuart was standing tall and she was using large space by taking some big gestures. She was speaking quite fast and there were some breathings during her lines. Those things made the audience feel excited. Breathings described her excitement very well.

Russell and Olivia

Mary Stuart buy Frederick Schiller

Drama Elements

I identify one symbol that occurs or is within the live performance you have seen.

The Colour red- symbolises catholism

Describe what the symbol represents within the world of the performance you have seen.

The queen of Scotts Mary Stuart was a catholic, the colour red represented Catholism, the actors and actresses in the play that wore red, where dressed in red to symbolise their loyalty to Mary the Queen of Scotts.

Explain how this symbol was developed OR created in the performance by the use or techniques, conventions and technologies.

This symbol was mainly developed through the use of costume, Mary Stuart and her followers were almost always wearing red to symbolise that they were catholic and that they supported Mary Stuart, They wore red to symbolise that they thought that Mary Stuart still had authority and power, in the world. The effect of this, wearing red was to show the audience were the alliances lay and their dedication to Mary Stuart. This is effective because it portrays the main themes and ideas in the play these being betrayal. The betrayal between the two queens and their courtship, it also demonstrates whose side they are on Queen Elizabeth (protestant) or Queen Mary (catholic) The red showed the dedication and loyalty throughout the play or the lack of dedication to the queens.